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What are the classifications of commonly used CNC machine tools?

CNC lathe has high processing accuracy, stable processing quality, and can process complex parts. It is widely used in hardware, machinery, automobile and other industries. Now let's look at the classification of commonly used machine tools.

1. Ordinary machine tools: including ordinary lathes, drilling machines, boring machines, milling machines, planers and slotters, etc.

2. Precision machine tools: including grinders, gear machine tools, thread machine tools and other precision machine tools.

3. High-precision machine tools: including coordinate boring machine, gear grinder, thread grinder, high-precision hobbing machine, high-precision marking machine and other high-precision machine tools.

4. CNC Machine Tool: CNC Machine Tool is the abbreviation of Digital Control Machine Tool, which is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control system. The control system can logically process programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions and decode them so that the machine tool can move and process parts.

5. According to the size of workpiece and the weight of machine tool, it can be divided into instrument machine tool, medium and small machine tool, large machine tool, heavy machine tool and super heavy machine tool.

6. According to the processing accuracy, it can be divided into ordinary precision machine tool, precision machine tool and high precision machine tool.

7. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual operation machine tool, semi-automatic machine tool and automatic machine tool.

8. According to the control mode of machine tool, it can be divided into copying machine tool, program control machine tool, numerical control machine tool, adaptive control machine tool, machining center and flexible manufacturing system.

9. According to the scope of application of machine tools, they can be divided into general and special machine tools. Metal cutting machine tools can be divided into many types according to different classification methods.

10. According to the processing mode or processing object, it can be divided into lathes, drilling machines, boring machines, grinders, gear processing machines, thread processing machines, spline processing machines, milling machines, planers, slotting machines, broaching machines, special processing machines, sawing machines and marking machines.

The above is a simple classification of commonly used machine tools, hoping to help you to buy machine tools, CNC machine tools.

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