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How to meet the requirements of light, rigid and good opposition from the mechanical point of view is the key to the mechanical layout.

1. The concave-convex rib network structure is selected for the bed body, and some directly choose the internal hexagonal network layout of the honeycomb.

2. Extra-wide columns and beams, we know the gantry layout because of its excellent symmetry and excellent steel, high-speed cutting equipment manufacturers have always been the preferred layout.

3. Some obvious differences between moving and NC milling are that the gap between many guideways and guideways is widened to overcome the problem of bad torque.

4. In terms of data, Mihana cast iron, i.e. inoculated cast iron, is usually selected. When pouring molten iron, it participates in a certain share of silicon (Si) and then changes the internal layout of iron, making it more stamping-resistant and has made remarkable progress in rigidity.

5. Rigidity of NC lathe is mainly used to overcome the strong impact of moving and non-moving when moving at high speed. Therefore, the demand of guide rail and screw rod is bigger and the connection is more rigid.

Analysis from the Viewpoint of NC

1. CNC milling center usually needs CNC speed, spindle speed is about 0-8000RPM.

2. NC system with high speed is needed for engraving and milling machine. The spindle speed is about 3000-30000 RPM.

3. High-speed cutting machine tools require high-speed CNC systems and excellent servo motor characteristics. The spindle speed ranges from 1500 to 30000 RPM.

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